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Waiver: Hearne Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse any vendor application, should this occur the fee will be refunded.  The vendor shall defend, save, and hold harmless the City of Hearne, Hearne Chamber of Commerce, their representatives, officers, agents, board members, staff, volunteers, sponsors, and assigns from any claims, damages, losses, liability or expense which may arise, and shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather, acts of God, vandalism, or any other loss or injury whatsoever or not specifically described herein, whether past, present or future. The City of Hearne, Hearne Chamber of Commerce or any other sponsoring agents do not insure booths. Exhibitors must make provisions for safeguarding their goods. Exhibitor assumes full liability for protecting, care and maintenance of exhibitor’s property. With your submission you to acknowledge that you have read all the information, rules and regulations and agree to be bound by this contract.

Vendor Registration
Booth Size

Once submitted please call 979.777.7408 or 979.595.8150 and ask for Dana or Vivian Altimore to make payment.

Thanks for submitting!

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