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Letter to the Chamber

Dear Hearne Chamber of Commerce,
   While en route from Offerle, Kansas to Rosenberg, Texas, I happened through your town on a rainy February 18. 
My wiper blades were not getting my windows sufficiently clean, so I stopped at the CARQUEST Auto Parts store to purchase new ones. the clerk was VERY helpful and astonished me by actually going to the car and putting them on for me. 
   Since this retail experience was so positive, I ventured around to Wilson Drug to pick up a few other things I needed for my visit to the family. sure, I could have gone to Walmart, but, I HATE Walmart, and what this retail giant has done to small towns. 
   Two lovely ladies helped me with my purchases at the drug store, and I thought at that moment that I would be remiss to NOT write to you and let you know my visit to Hearne was a pleasant one.

- Mrs. Bonita Werner

And the winner is...

The Annual Chamber of Commerce UTV Raffle was a great success again this year with one luck winner taking home this UTV from Jentsch Motor Co. A huge thank you to Jentsch Motors and all the members and volunteers that helped support this event selling all those raffle tickets.


Cara Freeman

is the winner!

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